Porta di Basso


The old mill houses the tables under the lime vaults and stone. On the terraces, 100m above sea level are served the chef Domenico Cilenti's creations in an exclusive and in the historic centre of Peschici.

The nature of the elements of the territory, their seasonality and spontaneity gives life to a sensory experience amazing. But the surprise is all in the simplicity, in passages of fast cooking and respectful of the materiality of the elements. The guiding idea is subtraction: to take away what is not necessary. and add only products that enhance each other, that and who can do their best together with others.

The dishes are presented with a lively and delicious chromaticity according to shapes and textures that play with each other until you find a balance that satisfies. The flavor of the sea is mitigated with the oil of peranzana and the accent which places the burnt grain or borage finds its counterpoint in the sweetness of the Tavoliere flours.

The ingredients are chosen as the nuance of an ideal palette: express the history of the chef and the tradition in which you are but also the aspiration to interpret the territory in a more original and new way as a language that speaks of Puglia and of the Mediterranean, a melting pot of cultures and exchange between different knowledge.

A stop at the Porta di Basso restaurant will take guests on a breathtaking culinary tour of the Gargano, traveling between the mild and sunny climates of the only spot of the Adriatic coast.